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Candis M. Jesus is best described as an artist whose canvas is nails.  Raised in Hampton, VA, she began as a nail technician before graduating high school.  From there, it was a passion that she perfected with love of the art throughout her life and travels, observing styles and trends throughout both Europe and the US.  This diversity of creative perspectives inspired her unconventional techniques and creations.


Now, with her business located in Newport News,VA and her online retail “Luxury Manicure in a Box”, she is able to share these creations with even more people.  Candis’ focus is on nail designs which are Functional and Fashionable, taking clients “outside the box” or giving them a long-lasting upscale classic-yet-unique look. 7°N designs are as diverse as they are provocative, highlighting a sense of limitless options to accentuate the limitless beauty of the human hand.  


In her own words: “I like to get to know my clients because it inspires me to create designs that are perfectly tailored to the unique beauty of the woman who wears them”



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