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 Hair Extension Techniques

Marcia Cross is The Oprah of Hair_edited

MYC stands for Marcia Y. Cross.

(A.K.A. The Oprah of Hair)

When you see these initials preceding a technique it means that it was created by our founder Marcia Y Cross. Marcia Cross is an inventor and a problem solver. 

Marcia Cross is also an Instructor in the Beauty Industry & her classes and techniques are being taught & offered in other salons across the U.S. while other techniques remain exclusive to Luxury Tress Salons.


Some of the techniques that she has created are listed below. She is constantly working to make solutions available to give clients better options to issues they face. 

Techniques created exclusively

by our Founder Marcia Cross:


  • MYC Piggy Back Hair Replacement

  • MYC Global Hair Replacement

  • Myc Anchor Sew-In

  • Combination Sew-In & Hair Replacement

  • The Smart Sew-In

  • 90 Day Clip-Ins

  • Hott Links


Trademarked By Luxury Tress


 Instant Highlights By The Strand. Color Without the Committment. Wear Long or Short Term. These re-usable strands are great for military or kids who want color but hindered by age or job positions.


They are also perfect for fundraisers. See how these Strands can be used to raise funds for your charity.




We are the #1 Salon in Newports News, Va for Hair Extensions. We offer a wide variety of options. Anything that we offer on our menu will not cause damaged to the hair unless misused or improperly cared for. We offer:

  • fusion

  • microlinks

  • nano rings

  • tape hair

  • clip-ins

  • sew-ins & hair bundles

  • Braidless sew-In

  • hair replacement

  • wigs

  • hott links


Standard Extension Package Length includes 18"-20" Hair. (Sew-In Packages quoted at 10" Bundles - add length for additional charge. Lengths available up to 30") 

Consultation Complimentary.


Longer lengths, various colors, textures available. 

Some Hair Extension Services Require that you book 5-8 Days in Advance.

Deposits or Consultations Required for select services.



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