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Do Hair Extensions Break Your Hair Off?

Are Hair Extensions Really Damaging to Your Hair? I’ve gotten asked this question so many times as a Professional Hair Stylist. “Will these Hair Extensions break my hair off?” Sometimes I’ll say “Oh, of Course they will! There’s nothing more I’d rather do than rip your hair off today.” Lol It’s always a conversation stopper. Then I’ll reassure them that anything I offer on my menu is completely healthy for the hair. So, the answer to this question is NO!!! All day long. Hair extensions alone DO NOT break your hair off. THE MYTH This has been a myth for ages. As time changes, there are new methods constantly being introduced but honestly I find that the original old classic methods are healthy and will always remain the foundation holders. This myth derived from several different cases. When the Fusion method was first introduced around the 1980s, only celebrities and wealthy people wore them because it was a very expensive service to have done. There was not as much training on how to do it and the classes that were available cost too much for stylists to afford. INEXPERIENCED STYLISTS Instead inexperienced stylists would purchase bulk hair and use clients as guinea pigs. The stylists would fail to inform clients of proper care because they had not been trained themselves. Stylists would experiment with cheap removal solutions to try to speed up the removal process and damage the hair. They would then blame the extensions to cover up for their mistakes. OVER WEARING THE HAIR EXTENSIONS Second, clients would over wear the extensions because they paid so much for them. The weight of the extensions dangling on the head too long would cause breakage. SELF INSTALLATION Last, these “do-it-yourselfer’s” started trying to do their own hair extension installs and would not care for the extensions or remove them properly. All of these horror stories caused this big myth that hair extensions break the hair off but most cases are due to something that could have been prevented. These issues are still happening today. It is important to find an Experienced Hair Extension Specialist to do your hair extension install and make sure you care for your hair extensions properly. This Blog Post may contain affiliate links for products we recommend.

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