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Solutions To Scalp Issues When Wearing Hair Extensions

Sometimes you may experience minor scalp issues such as itchy dry flaky scalp when wearing hair extensions. Let's explore some remedies to combat these annoying issues. ITCHING I am only addressing issues that come from minor itching not major scalp problems such as seborrhea etc. which may require more aggressive treatments or even a visit to the Dermatologist. Minor issues may be caused by scalp sensitivity to the hair extensions touching the scalp, long lengths of time where the scalp is not receiving as much exposure to air, or normal oil buildup on the scalp etc. Solutions:

  • Hair Tonic: Hair Tonic purifies and detoxifies the scalp to relieve irritation & provides instant itch relief caused by dry scalp and other scalp conditions. I recommend Design Essentials Peppermint & Aloe Hair Tonic. You would shampoo with this twice and then follow with a good moisturizing conditioner.

  • Moisturizing Scalp Care Shampoo & Conditioner: Using the proper hair care products is crucial to solving itchy scalp. The wrong products could cause your condition to worsen or turn into a more severe problem. When your scalp is itching sometimes all you need to do is clean your scalp to relieve the itch. Two great Scalp Care Options are Hairfinity Beneath The Weave System and Mizani Scalp Care Duo Set

  • Scalp Soother Comb: This comb is simply amazing. It fits underneath any hair extension install like a glove and satisfies your scalp without snagging.

You only need to choose one solution. Either Hair Tonic or the Moisturizing Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner. The scalp soother comb can be used with both. FLAKING & DANDRUFF If your issue is more of a dandruff and flaking problem then you can use the following medicated system. Solution:

  • Design Essentials Therapeutics Shampoo and Conditioner System

  1. Therapeutics Shampoo

  2. Therapeutics Conditioner

  3. Therapeutic Scalp Treatment Scalp Oil – This product is safe to apply to your scalp while wearing hair extensions. Never pour liquid oils to your scalp while wearing weaves because you can’t massage it into the scalp therefore it will sit on the scalp and clump possibly causing wet dandruff issues later.

I don’t suggest using this as a permanent solution. You can either use it until your condition gets better or rotate usage by using the Therapeutics system one turn and then using a regular moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on the next. I hope this helps with all of your itchy flaky scalp issues so that you can enjoy your hair extensions. This Blog Post may contain affiliate links for products we recommend.

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